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Primed work in progress #paint #paintingstairs #homeremodel

Houserenovation My Beautiful Bedroom Window Is Finally In! The View Out Of This Bedroom Is And Has The Most Glorious Sunsets So Happy With The Georgian Beading Effect There Will Be Balcony Rail

My beautiful bedroom window is finally in! The view out of this bedroom is and has the most glorious sunsets So happy with the Georgian beading effect there will be balcony rail made of glass installed in time! Canu2019t wait to wait up to this in a morning just the rest of the upstairs to change and finish maybe next year we will be in the new bedroom! this is the back of our house! The front is a whole other story! This window colour is Anthracite grey my fav! Need to remove the stickers but I hate climbing up the ladder so may leave that one to Nick! #progress #project #homeinspo

Not Posted Anything In A While, As Things Have Been Slow. Just This Week Had Our Planning Permission Granted! Finally! We’ve Applied For A 2 Storey Extension To The Side Of The Houserenovation

Not posted anything in a while, as things have been slow. Just this week had our planning permission granted! Finally! Weu2019ve applied for a 2 storey extension to the side of the house, so we can create a hallway to put the stairs at the front of the house and put a new bedroom in, so we can turn one of the existing bedrooms in to a decent family bathroom! Weu2019ve also had a gas supply fitted to the house, as the previous owner refused to have it and we have electric storage heating thatu2019s costing us an absolute bomb Managed to finally sell off all 3 sheds that we had in the gardens! And all the wallpaper in the house has been stripped! Itu2019s all so messy BUT WE WILL GET THERE Not the most glamorous photos but youu2019ve got to have mess to progress #home #newhome #bollington