Housedesign We Are Really Pleased To Be Part Of The First Holiday House London Showcase To Support The Breast Cancer Foundation For The Occasion We Created A 3x3m Wall On A Bronze Canvas

We are really pleased to be part of the first Holiday House London Showcase to support the Breast Cancer Foundation For the occasion we created a 3x3m wall on a bronze canvas composition in a space called An Inner Journey designed by Bismut & Bismut for The Invisible Collection. The event is still on until the 10th of December, so if you are in London go visit the houses in Hamilton Terrace #london #holidayhouselondon #hamiltonterrace

As A Member Of The Azauri LD Lifestyle Program, You Get To Enjoy Discounts From Some Of The Best Local Businesses And Brands Complimentary With Every Azauri LD Home Housedesign

As a member of the Azauri LD Lifestyle Program, you get to enjoy discounts from some of the best local businesses and brands complimentary with every Azauri LD Home #azaurilifestyle #ottcity #ottawa

Housedesign Contenedores Vivienda Modular De Diseño A Orillas Del Lago EstudioDReam ArquitecturaModular CasasModulares CasasPrefabricadas Contenedores CasasPrefabricadasdeDiseño Casas

Contenedores Vivienda modular de diseu00f1o a orillas del lago #EstudioDReam #ArquitecturaModular #CasasModulares

Housedesign Limitlesslifestyle House Luxuryinterior Dreamhomes Amazinghouse Lovelyhouse Prettyhouse Mansion Mansions Residence Exteriordesign Designbuild Luxuryhomes Realestatephotography

#limitlesslifestyle #houseporn #luxuryinterior

Housedesign Casas Modulares Muestra De Vivienda Modular En EEUU EstudioDReam ArquitecturaModular CasasModulares CasasPrefabricadas CasasModularesdeDiseño CasasPrefabricadasdeDiseño Casas

Casas Modulares Muestra de vivienda modular en EEUU #EstudioDReam #ArquitecturaModular #CasasModulares

Housedesign DINARDI ARCHITECTS Una Nostra Realizzazione Chiavi In Mano Offriamo Un Servizio Di Progettazione, Design E Realizzazione Dell’opera (chiavi In Mano),dove Il Committente Potrà

DINARDI ARCHITECTS Una nostra realizzazione chiavi in mano Offriamo un servizio di progettazione, design e realizzazione dell'opera (chiavi in mano),dove il committente potru00e0 sempre contare su un unico interlocutore a responsabilitu00e0 delle opere, dei costi e dei tempi preventivamente concordati e interfaccia unica dalla fase di progettazione a quella dei pagamenti Contattaci per la realizzazione del tuo nuovo locale Ristoranti, bar, negozi, ma anche b&b, hairsalon e showroom. Ogni ARCHITETTURA DINARDI u00e8 pensata per accogliere, interagire, farti sentire a casa. [email protected] Tel 333 9969695 0823 321075 #dinardigroup #italia #architettura

Housedesign Microgarden Loft House 400 Sqm Creating An Internal 3 Level Void Which Consist Of Water Wind Tunnel, Micro Garden, Internal Leisure Area That Not Only Providing Thermal Comfort

Microgarden Loft House 400 sqm Creating an internal 3 level void which consist of water wind tunnel, micro garden, internal leisure area that not only providing thermal comfort but also creating internal view while maintaining maximum privacy. 2 Different character of loft in both end shaped the overall form that sit above organic spaces on ground Architect In charge @antoniusrichard @partogipandiangan #architecture #houses #housedesign