September 2017: Upstairs Back The Old Window Was Removed To Have The Gl Redone. Our Builder Centralised The Window And Opening Of The Back Part Began To Start The New Layout Housedesign

September 2017: Upstairs Back The old window was removed to have the glass redone. Our builder centralised the window and opening of the back part began to start the new layout #houserenovation #homesunderthehammer #auctionproperty

July 2017: The Fourth Bedroom AKA The Box Room! This Had To Change, It Needed To Be Bigger To Meet The Requirements To Be Cled As A Bedroom But We Also Had To Forward Think What Housedesign

July 2017: The Fourth Bedroom AKA the box room! This had to change, it needed to be bigger to meet the requirements to be classed as a Bedroom but we also had to forward think what the room could potentially be in the future. The plans were to plumb to be a future ensuite to the main bedroom #houserenovation #homesunderthehammer #auctionproperty

Houserenovation ARCADE Reforma Integral De Vivienda En Valencia. Acceso Jardinera Armario. Publicado En @micasa_deco // House Renovation In Valencia. Hall Planter Wardrobe. Project By Cambra

#ARCADE Reforma integral de vivienda en Valencia. Acceso Jardinera Armario. Publicado en @micasa_deco // House renovation in Valencia. Hall Planter Wardrobe. Project by Cambra estudio info: // #Cambraestudio #arquitectura

Houserenovation So Much Has Been Done Today. Project On The Go Kitchen Installed, Bathroom & Laundry Tiling, Flooring. Family Is Moving In Within 2 Weeks. Everything Is Under Controllllllll

So much has been done today. Project on the go kitchen installed, bathroom & Laundry tiling, flooring. Family is moving in within 2 weeks. Everything is under controllllllll #justinplace #justinplacesydney #projectmanagement

Ravine Residence Photos Now Live On Website (link In Bio) Interior Design By @burdifilek Housedesign Homerenovation Heritagefront Houserenovation Modernhouse Minimalhouse

Ravine Residence Photos now live on website (link in bio) Interior Design by @burdifilek #housedesign #homerenovation #heritagefront

Houserenovation Wednesday Day Off From The Builders Today So It’s Been Nice To Have A House That’s A Bit Tidier They’re Back Tomorrow To Do The Flooring In The Bathroom Also Looking Forward To

Wednesday day off from the builders today so it's been nice to have a house that's a bit tidier they're back tomorrow to do the flooring in the bathroom also looking forward to the possibility that we could have our oven installed at the weekend! also looking forward to a bit of a lie in thanks for the widn tag @jazzybu111, I've just finished watching the apprentice and off to bed for a read and early night! Would @the_oakfield31 and @little_duckling_loves like to play day 8 of #myhousethismonth is beings with b so here is bookcase, bunny, bowls, books still trying to organise this bookcase but it won't be done until the kitchen is done next year #wednesday #wednesdaynight

I Seriously Have No Idea What The Person Who Designed This Downstairs Loo Was Thinking. It’s A 1980s Egyptian Style Type Of Theme What’s Even More Baffling Is The Fact That Homeremodel

I seriously have no idea what the person who designed this downstairs loo was thinking. Itu2019s a 1980s Egyptian style type of theme whatu2019s even more baffling is the fact that the toilet is so far away from the wall (swipe to see) Iu2019m guessing it was a budget issue but I canu2019t wait to get this toilet updated/boxed in! #1980sinterior #ithurtsmyeyes #interiordesignfail